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JHD&C activities, how to apply for a wig, and how to send us your hair.

1 About JHD&C (Jardak)

JHD&C was founded on September 1, 2009.
JHD&C makes wigs with only donated hair.
We give them to children up to the age of 18.
No money is needed.

2 "What kind of wigs can I get?"

  • Wigs are made only from human hair.
    Wigs are made only from donated hair.
  • Wig hair color is black.
    It is inconspicuous even if you wear it in Japanese school.
  • You can choose the length of the wig hair.

3 When you want a wig

  • ①You are a child up to 18 years old.
  • ②You live in Japan.
  • ③You or your family can understand Japanese.
  • ④You or your family can e-mail.

If all of the above conditions(①~④)are met, you can apply.
Both girls and boys can apply. Non-Japanese can also apply.

Click the button below.

Wig Application Form

4 When you want to donate your hair

Hair that can be donated

  • Hair longer than 31 cm (12 inches)
  • Dry hair
  • Hair bundled with a rubber band

Hair that cannot be donated

  • Hair shorter than 31 cm (12 inches)
    Hair shorter than 31 cm (12 inches) cannot be made into a wig.
  • Wet hair
    Wet hair will get moldy.
  • Hair with lice or lice eggs in it lice or lice eggs in hair will move to other people's hair.
  • Unbundled hair
    Hair that is not bundled with rubber band cannot be donated.

Answers to FAQ

  • You can donate your hair at any age.
  • You can also donate permed or curled hair.
  • You can donate gray hair.
  • You can donate dyed hair.
  • People with illnesses can donate hair.
  • You can donate your hair even if you are on medication.
  • Non-Japanese can donate hair.
  • You can donate your hair even if there is a small amount of short hair mixed in.

How to send donated hair

The things you need to prepare

  • Hair
  • Donor sheet
  • Envelope
  • Glue (tape)
  • Postage (stamps)

① Write a donor sheet.

A donor sheet would be very helpful to know what kind of hair you have.
Please write down the following information.

About you

  • Gender
  • Age
  • The age when you cut your hair
  • Where you live (prefectures of Japan or country)

About your hair

  • Have you had your hair colored or permed in 3 years?
    (Please answer "Yes" or "No")

Please click the button below to print and fill out the donor sheet.

JHD&C Donor Sheet

  • If you can't print, please write on paper.
  • It's okay even without a donor sheet.

② Write the address on the envelope.

Front of the envelope (addressee)

Postal code: 531-0072
3-8-18, Toyosaki,
Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka,
JHD&C Hair Donation Division
Phone number: 06-6147-5316

You don't need to include a phone number.

Back of the envelope

Your name and address.

It's okay not to write your name and address.

③ Put the hair and donor sheet in the envelope.

Place hair, bundled with a rubber band and measuring at least 31 centimeters (12 inches), along with the donor sheet into the envelope.

Please refer to the diagrams below for hair cutting instructions.

JHD&C Hair Donation Cut Guidelines

JHD&C Hair Donation Cut Guidelines

Please show the following document to your hairstylist:

Hair Donation Guidelines

④ Seal the envelope.

Please use glue or tape.
Do not use a stapler.

⑤ Send it.

Have the postage calculated at the post office or on the internet.
Purchase stamps and affix them to the envelope.

  • We can't receive it when postage or stamps are insufficient.
  • If you want to confirm that your hair has arrived safely, please use the "Tracking Service" when sending it.

For example, you can use the following methods:

⑥ You can download a thank you card.

You can download an illustration of appreciation from the JHD&C website.

Please press the button below.

JHD&C Hair Donation
Thank You Card